12VHeavy Duty Compressor Metal Air Compressor Pump for Car/Bike



Product Description

>Tyre Inflator High Power Model 150 PSI has an Extra High Power Motor for Better Inflation power Stronger Outer Body Long air Pipe

>Simply use this for fast & easy inflation of car tires”

>No strength required for pumping air as it is all electronic & is powered directly from your car battery Perfect for anyone who wants ease while inflating a tire

>Time-saving as compared to mechanical pump Quick operation Very Compact and easy to store in car dicky Robust and Durable Design.

>The rugged steel handle makes this tire inflator easy to carry.

:: Suitable For::

Cars, SUVs, 4x4s, Bikes and Bicycle tires. Sports equipment like Football, Basketball etc.

Other Inflatable Products like Rubber Rafts, Air Beds, Balloons etc.

:: How to Use::

Turn off the switch on Tyre Inflator and Plug adapter into cigarette lighter socket.

Place the nozzles provided according to your requirements.

Now you are ready to inflate your tires, rafts and sports equipment.

Remember to Turn your engine ON during inflation.

:: Specifications::

Material: metal+ABS

Color: black&silver

Size: 16*8*14cm

Gas tube length: 0.6m

Power cable length: 2.8m

Cylinder body: 1*30mm

:: Package Included::

1 x Tyre Inflator

1 x Needle

2 x Nozzle Adapter


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