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3 in 1 Straightening LCD Screen with Temperature Control Display, Fast Hair Straightener and Comb Brush, Hair Straightener Brush Women (Pink

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Before Use : Comb through hair With your Normal Brush so it is smooth and free of tangles. IMPORTANT: Only use on Clean, Dry hair! Do Not use on hair extensions. Do Not use With Hair products. (gels, creams, etc). Plug into an electrical outlet and HOLD Down the “”On/Off”” button until Display is Illuminated. Press “+/-“ Buttons To Select The Desired Temperature. Straight Artifact will display the desired temperature as it heats up. Instruction for : 1.separate a section of hair to be straightened. 2.place straight artifact close to the roots of selected hair. 3.Hold the hair firmly and brush from root to tip. 4.* Repeat steps 1-3 for each length of hair until the desired area is straightened. 5.Allow the hair to cool down before applying styling product. 6.After use, press the “ON/Off” Button to turn “Off”, then unplug your straight artifact wait until straight artifact is completely cooled down before handling or storing. TEMPERATURE Setting: When Powered “on” And Heating up, Straight Artifact Will Display The rise in temperature on the LCD display until The Desired Temperature is reached. To Change Between Centigrade To Fahrenheit Press “+” and “-“ at the same time. The LCD Display Will Immediately Changes Units. AUTO SHUT OFF : Your Straight Artifact Has an Automatic Shut OFF Feature for safely. If the appliance is not used for more than 60 minutes continuously, then it will automatically switch “OFF”, if You Wish To Continue Suing The Appliance After This time, Press The “ON/OFF” Button To Turn Back “ON”. hair straightener for women


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